The Board’s vision is to provide good governance in the management, development, strategic agenda and the effective performance of all DIDECO International, Inc. activities as a corporation.

To achieve this vision, the board will work closely with the management of DIDECO International, Inc. to forge a new way forward to fulfill the Corporation’s obligations, special objectives and set the stage for strategic progress for the municipality and its people.


Godwin NamayaChairman – Mr. G. Namaya Eyoh (Seattle, WA)
Mr. Namaya is the son of Honorable Michael Namaya and Ms. Margaret Litumbe. He is a visionary leader, a community organizer and a philanthropist who exudes immeasurable charisma. These gifts and qualities, he brings to bear in every organization he has led or cause he has championed. Mr. Namaya does not only see opportunity where others see challenges, but lives each day willing and committed to enlighten others to seize those opportunities for the greater community good. Mr. Namaya has led many non-profit, charitable and development organizations, including being a former President of Oroko GA, SOBA GA and SOBA US, current Chairman of DIDECO International, Inc. in the diaspora.

Mr. Namaya is also a seasoned IT specialist and has led multiple IT implementations as a Senior Project Manager. He has earned his stripes as a world class Information Technology Solution Architect with Boeing. He is a very shrewd business Executive as a co-founder of GEN Global Financial Group.

Mr. Namaya enjoys challenges and the science of giving.

Vice Chairman – Dr. Elias Etinge (Augusta, GA)
Member – Dr. Solomon Basame (Massachusetts, USA)
Member – Ms. Elizabeth Bel (Minnesota, USA)
Jackson NanjeMember – Mr. Jackson Nanje (Douglasville, GA)
Mr. Jackson Nanje is an independent thinker, community builder and a proven champion of lifting impoverished, disenfranchised and less fortunate communities seeking to improve their circumstances through education, self-reliance and development projects. Mr. Nanje is a pioneer in start-up and continuous development projects in rural and urban areas, especially in West Africa. To this end he has contributed, and continues to invest his spare time away from his family to lead, support, and serve as a consultant on multiple cultural, alumni and social groups, NGOs and other charitable organizations aiming to revitalize struggling communities.

His leadership towards development includes being the Founder of Oroko Cultural Association in Georgia, Founding President of DIDECO Int’l, Founder Oroko Development Foundation, Inc., Vice President of Cameroon Students’ Association, Georgia, Public Relations Officer Oroko Cultural Association-USA, Education, Publicity and Communication Officer of CPDM-USA, Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Atlanta Veterans FC, member of the Constitution committee of several organizations, Board Member DIDECO Int’l, Vice President of Nyasoso Ex-Students’ Association in the Diaspora.

Mr. Nanje holds a B.Sc. in Forensic Science from Jacksonville State University, Alabama and is a passionate blogger. He manages the blog, Nanje School of Creative Thinking at

Member – Ms. Gwendoline Forseh (Charlotte, NC)
Member – Rev. Dr. Sam Esale (Stone Mountain, GA)